Consumer-Driven Innovation
Insight Generation Services


We enable research teams to have meaningful and insightful consumer connections via traditional groups, Consumer Direct groups (team in room), one-on-ones, shop-along visits, home visits, and/or connections via digital/social media platforms. Our goal in the immersion process is to get your team connected so that great insights can open the door to business building opportunities.

Consumer immersions are designed based on project objectives and oftentimes include multiple qualitative methods to ensure the team gets a complete picture of the current/desired consumer experience.

Synthesis Insight & Product Design Maps


Donovan Research Insight & Product Design Maps are synthesis frameworks designed to help teams identify key insights from consumer immersions and understand their significance and/or relationship to one another. These synthesis maps are team created, Donovan Research guided, consumer-driven product and service models. These maps follow a consumer moments of truth model and help to identify white spaces for meaningful innovation.

Types of Synthesis Maps include:

  • WHO Target Audience

  • Brand Experience/Consumer Journey

  • Product/Service Design Requirements

Ideation & Innovation Services

We utilize a flexible innovation game plan (based on the book The Lean Start-Up) that operates on a few simple principles:

1. Learn as a team with personal face-to-face consumer contact.

2. Create an operational model of the consumer journey and needs within your category.

3. Develop hypothesis, innovation boundaries (based on capabilities) and initial prototypes that can enable consumer learning and rapid cycle iterations.

4. Develop a disciplined momentum that keeps the project moving forward at a fast pace.

5. Create a collaborative work environment because it takes a strong team with the right skills, talents and expertise to deliver business building innovation.



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